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Champagne Shower

The Hardison / Morgan wedding season has commenced! We celebrated Sarah's bridal shower with a mix of citrus and boho decor (it was rather eclectic, but that's us!) and lots of champagne. Sounds of popped bottles filled the air as we hosted 20 guests to eat, drink, and catch up with our girl.

I designed invitations, champagne labels, custom photo prop heads of Sarah and Phil, as well as sprinkled in some fun sayings throughout. We put out blank recipe cards for people to share with Sarah in lieu of a guest book.

We made a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and my mom's homemade preserves with dried citrus and a cake topper of the couple. We also made orange, lemon, and pistachio macarons. For savory we served an array of flatbreads, a charcuterie board, orzo pasta salad and caprese.

We're so excited to keep the celebrations going and for the Morgan Wedding on 10.10.20!

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