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Fruity Blends & Old Friends

In the final days leading to Lexie Bozell's wedding, a group of lifelong friends joined to celebrate their first friend into marriage. The house was loud between laughter and continuous sound of the blender.

We placed monstera leaves and colorful flowers through the rooms. We served Hawaiian pork sliders, açaí bowls with an array of toppings, mango salsa, yellow watermelon (a big conversation piece), and several exotic fruits, such as lychee, papaya, and rambutan. We made a strawberry cake and painted green leaves on white chocolate covered cookies. As for drinks, we filled every punch bowl, pitcher, and carafe we had with just about anything fruity.

We designed a game to play together and after Lexie opened her gifts we blended up some more frozen beverages. The day turned into going out together at night and was very appreciated among forever friends. Cheers to the soon to be Kenadys!

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