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Mrs. Independence Day

All American gal Abby Berger rounded up 12 girls to hit Lake Cumberland to say sayonara to single for her Bachelorette Party. We embarked on a houseboat for Fourth of July weekend, decorating it top to bottom with all of the accessories our bags could handle.

The table was stacked with all things "American Kitsch". We had a red velvet mini cake with a double cake topper of Abby and her fiancé, William, and the weekend's theme. The bridesmaids put together bags for each of the girls, including drink floats, heart sunglasses, scrunchies, captains hats, ring pops and Advil. I designed the koozie logo that they had printed, as well. On top of that were glow sticks, sparklers, and temporary tattoos. I printed William's face into face and body stickers along with a large photo prop head (he was everywhere by the end of the trip). We also did a print of all of the girls with jerseys in a frame that everyone signed around to give Abby as a memento.

We had paper straws with Abby as the Statue of Liberty, reusable juice pouches, and a labeled champagne bottle to pop as we set sail.

There were red, white and blue snacks, confetti everywhere, signs and balloons all over, and more oversized pool floats than we had people. We also had a huge balloon garland on the end of our boat, as well as giant USA balloons that were floating in 3 different directions of the cove by Monday (oops) - and of course we didn't get a photo of any of them.

It was such a fun weekend celebrating our girl and we definitely want to do it again.

Here's to the future Bennetts and as always, GO CATS!

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